You really can't tell about a bike's condition until taken completely apart as I have done with every one of the bikes listed below.                                

My experience has proven that any used bike will likely need misc. work, at what cost? Too often I've found bearings missing in the headset, wheel hubs and/or bottom bracket, pitted races. axles bent. Reassembled with experienced crafstmanship, any 'issues' were resolved. Better still, alloy component upgrades and improvements were made during the retoration/rebuild process to the fullest extent possible on each bike. 

Details were attended to over and above what you might expect, every part polished and waxed, replacement parts precision fitted, new lubricants, all tuned up.                                                                                 You'll save on the high cost of bike shop repairs and parts.

Showcased is my heritage collection of selected road bikes.                   No 'used and abused' bikes listed here!                                                        All were carefully selected for quality.                                                        None were free or found in a dumpster.

Market prices of USED bikes is applicable as an indication of base cost. And a qualified comparison should prove the values being offered below after all my work and expenses have been given due consideration.                     

Click any link for details/photos:

47cm  $ 440  SCHWINN LeTour (USA) - CrMo - Silvery Metallic Blue 

48cm  $ 580  BENOTTO Modelo 800 (Italy) - Columbus SL - Blue/White

55cm  $ 600  NISHIKI Prestige (Japan) - Tange2/CroMo - Metallic Blue

55cm  $ 650  LOTUS Excelle Sport Series (Japan) - CroMo - Electric Blue

55cm  $ 740  BERTONI (Italy) - Columbus SL - Burnished Gold

58cm  $ 680  BENOTTO (Italy) Modelo 2500 - Columbus SL - Custom Blue/White

58cm  $ 420  RALEIGH (England) - Steel - Metallic CandyApple Red

58cm  $ 400  MARUKIN M410 (Japan) - Fixed Gear w/New FlipFlops - Blue Metallic

60cm  $ 680  NISHIKI Master (Japan) - Champion/CrMo - Eggshell White

64cm  $ 600  SCHWINN Tempo (USA) - Columbus SL - Impulse Blue/Pearl White

66cm  $ 540  RALEIGH Super Course (England) - Reynolds - Gold Metallic

67cm  $ 720  MARUISHI Road Ace 505 Sport Touring (USA) - HiTen - Sky Blue Metallic

69cm  $ 840  RALEIGH Team USA (USA) - CroMo - Fierra Red/Flag Blue

69cm  $ 740  SCHWINN World Sport (USA) - CroMo 4130 - Black

THREE (3) bikes equipped with Dual Control Levers: 

60cm  $ 750  BENOTTO Modelo 2500 (Italy) - Columbus SL - Custom Blue/Whitr

64cm  $ 720  DIAMOND BACK Master tg (Taiwan) - TruTemper - White with Blue Splattering

69cm  $ 850  FUJI Sagres (Japan) - Valite - Twilight Blue Metallic

I can alter or customize for you. To find your size, click link at the bottom of this page.

Easy to pay and arrange for experienced WORLDWIDE shipping by FedEx at competetive rates.

Call Lew 901-497-0298 for S&H quote or E-Mail with your  Zip Code (may be a different designation                in other countries) to: 

I cannot reply to text messages.

Before making payment, we'll finalize details to include S&H costs as agreed.

For PayPal payments use SEND MONEY link with 'Instant Transfer' in US dollars.

After payment is received, you'll be E-Mailed:                                                                                                          (1) A receipt with all bike specs & photos to keep for your records,                                                                        (2) FedEx's Tracking Number so you'll know your bike is on the way.                                                                    Careful packing with an eye to quick, easy DIY reassembly at your end is my objective when shipping.              Keep the box and all shipping materials until it's been determind the bike has arrived without damage.              In event of a claim, notify me immediately.

Buyers are responsible for any sales taxes, import duties or fees.                                                                           ALL SALES FINAL, SOLD "AS IS". NO RETURNS                                                                                             See WARRANTY link at the bottom of the page.                                                                                            Before you buy, get a clear understanding about this disclaimer.                                                                Exceptions are available by mutual agreement.

A Brief History: After retiring, I fixed bikes free for our neighborhood kids.                                                          Discovering that their 'kids' bikes weren't holding up to hard riding,  I started taking bikes apart,                       making improvements. Ultimately, this led to the road bikes you see listed here. Words like rebuilt,                  restored, renewed or refurbished simply cannot describe the full extent of the detailed work done                       to each bike. The knowledge required along with the extra attention given to every detail os priceless!                The result is an ideal previously-owned bike for the less mechanically-inclined.                                                     I do NOT buy to resell (flip) 'as-is' used bikes.                                                                                                          References can be arranged if needed.

I've put my heart and soul (and countless uncompensated hours) into the most enjoyable work I've ever done in my life.

The Golden Rule is my credo: "Do unto others as you would also have them do unto you", a timeless                principle that bears renewed thought from time-to-time.

Let me anticipate a question often asked:                                                                                                                  "Where do you get your bikes?"                                                                                                                                ALWAYS from legitimate sources!                                                                                                                             I've experiemced first-hand the emptiness and pain when something of value turns up 'missing'.                         I hate thieves with a passion!!                                                                                                                                     Do you have your bike's Serial # saved somewhere? Police will need it to track a reported stolen bike. Legitimate pawn shop dealers report traceable info to the police who can then match the item to your                report. You'll likely be required to reimburse the honest pawn broker the amount it was pawned for                    but it's usually not that much compared to what the bike may be worth.                                                                  I've been very careful about only acquiring bikes when ownership is without question. To that end, note            the Serial # is posted for each bike. If it isn't, let me know.

MEMPHIS HAS A SPECIAL SECRET: From Bob C.                                                                                            Lew, I like to think Memphis is a place that produces quality people.                                                                     From what I've read and heard, you are one of those Memphians. 






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